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Promoting Freedom of Religion…

The Danish Institute for human rights

Bishop Of Truro’s Independent Review

Final Report And Recommendations

Invisible Pain

The Right Practice

Vol. 9

International Journal For Religious Freedom

In a Different Image

Prof Oluwafunmilayo J. Para-Mallam

Role of religious freedom in combatting violence against women in India

Religious Freedom and Business Foundation - Sharon Angel

2020 Gender-Specific Religious Persecution - World Watch Research

Helene Fisher, Elizabeth Lane Miller and Eva Mayer.

VOA: The Worth of a Girl

VOA News, Reporting by Eva Mazrieva, Lina Correa, Jaffar Mjasiri, Carolyn Presutti, Muhammad Saqib, Carol Guensburg and Lisa Kassenaar.

International Journal for Religious Freedom (IJRF) - Vol 9, 2016

Helene Fisher, Elizabeth Lane Miller and Eva Mayer.

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